What is a private label website?

With a private-label website, you have a custom-branded site that links to external sites or portals, so you can provide your customers with added services, and you boost your revenue! With TicketNetwork® Private Label, you get your own ticketing site that is customized to your current brand’s look and feel, which is then linked to our ticket Online Exchange. With the web traffic you are already generating, you can easily re-direct them to your ticketing site, and showcase it as an enhancement to your current product offerings. Your customers will enjoy purchasing event tickets through your site, and you boost your revenue!

Can I personalize my ticket web site?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it! We provide you with many tools and services which allow you to add your own logo, featured events, and “Top Ten” events. You can customize it on your own, hire your own independent developer, or use TicketNetwork®’s preferred web service provider for your customizing needs.


Will I have to process credit cards?

No. Your site will just broadcast the ticket listings. We handle the rest! For all event ticket purchases through your site, TicketNetwork® handles the credit card processing and customer service inquiries are managed by TicketNetwork®.

If a customer on my site has a question, who will they contact?

Once your site reaches a benchmark preset to qualify for a phone number, we assign a unique 800 number for your account. Any call placed with this unique number gets routed to our Customer Service center here at TicketNetwork®. And since all phone numbers are tracked for each sale, the unique 800 number tied to your account guarantees you get credit for any phone orders as well. Our Customer Service center is open 7 AM – 1AM daily, including holidays, so you know your customers will be well taken care of and provided with great customer service no matter what time of day.

How long does it take to get started?

We can have your account set up in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Are there restrictions on how I can market this site?

Yes. We do not allow the use of SPAM marketing and/or illegal web-traffic generating avenues. Clients who engage in these types of activities will be removed from our program.

Who is eligible to become a TicketNetwork® Private Label client?

We encourage everyone from individuals to small business and even large corporations to apply. Once an application is received, our business development managers will review the application. Every applicant goes through a screening process to determine if the business model is a good fit for them.

Money Matters

How much does it cost to setup a website?

If you already own a domain, you will not have additional costs to set up your site using one of our Signature Sites. If you do not have a domain, you will need to purchase one. However, if you want an advanced and optimized site with features that are not included in our Basic Site, we can work with you to customize our Premium Sites or recommend hiring an independent developer. Please check with your preferred developers for rates, or ask our Business Development Managers for recommendations among our TicketNetwork® preferred web service providers.

How much commission will I make?

As a TicketNetwork® Private Label client, you are in control of the commission structure. Since you get to determine the mark-up of the ticket prices listed on your site, the higher you set your mark-up, the more commission you can make. For recommendations on pricing strategies, you can contact your business development representative assigned to your account to get updates on marketing pricing and revenue strategies.

When do I get paid?

Commission earnings are disbursed on a monthly basis, towards the end of every month for the sales from the previous month. For example, your commission check for your January sales would arrive towards the end of February. Your commission check for your February sales would arrive towards the end of March, and so on.

How will I get paid?

Commission earnings are disbursed via check or direct deposit. At the moment your account is set up, you will be asked your preferred method for receiving your commission earnings.


Do you provide marketing assistance?

Yes. As a TicketNetwork® Private Label client, we will provide you with a lot of valuable marketing information and tips, so you can market your ticketing site to your customers and boost your overall web traffic. You will receive updates pertaining to ticket industry news, top-selling events, and on-sale dates, so you can best promote the ticket inventory listed on your site. You can also request a subscription to our data feeds, which gives you information such as newly added events, performers, and venues.


Do you accept clients from outside the United States?

Yes. TicketNetwork® Private Label includes clients based in Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and North America.

Who are your most successful clients?

Clients who are knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) tend to yield the most traffic. We highly encourage all of our clients to become familiarized with how these traffic-generating strategies work to achieve greater success.

Do you have inventory outside of the United States?

Yes, our Online Exchange broadcasts event tickets to more than 100,000 events located in the US, and various parts of the world.

What languages do you support?

Our sites are available in US-English, UK-English, Spanish (Latin American), and French. We are currently developing sites in other languages as well.

What if I am not happy with the results?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this program and would no longer like to be a TicketNetwork® Private Label client, simply notify your account representative.

What are the benefits of joining TicketNetwork® Private Label?

Ticket Selection:
Our Online Exchange has listings to more than 100,000 U.S. and international concert, sport and theater events (Approximate Inventory Value = ~$5.5 billion).

Money Back Guarantee:
TicketNetwork® offers customers a money-back guarantee up to 100%.

Secure Platform:
TicketNetwork® is the leading online ticket exchange in the secondary ticketing industry that is Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant. This provides your customers with the security and assurance that they are shopping through a trusted and reliable website.

In-house Customer Service:
No need to fuss with call-backs and customer issues. Our Customer Service Center is open 365 days/year to deal with all customer inquiries regarding their event tickets.

Interactive Maps:
Our advanced user-friendly maps offer optimum seat selection with features, such as “sort by selection” in maps, view from seats, and actual row detection in theatre maps.

Where Can I See an Example of Your Inventory?

You can find an example of our Atlanta Hawks inventory here.


How can I track my site's performance?

You can set tracking codes on your site's various URLs using systems such as Google Analytics to get useful tracking data on mobile usage, site visits, content / pageviews, conversion, advertising, social presence, and more.

Will I be able to track my own sales?

Yes. Through our WebAdmin tool, you have access to 24/7 real-time reporting on your website's sales performance. Important information included on your real-time reports includes order details, sales information, mark-up, and more.

How successful are Private Label clients?

The success of TicketNetwork® Private Label clients varies on their marketing skills and efforts. Our most successful clients sell hundreds of orders a day, with monthly sales in excess of a million dollars. This, however, is not an indication of how much you will sell. Ultimately, each client is individually responsible for efforts to optimize and market a site to generate a substantial number of sales. We can support your efforts, but your success with this program is dependent upon your ability to drive traffic to your site(s).


Do I need to have a company?

No, you can be a Sole Proprietor and just use your name as the company name.

Can I use my home address for the company address?

Yes you can, but be sure to provide us a PO box for Copyright issues.

Where do I get a domain name?

GoDaddy or any other Registrar.