Music Festival Season is about to Drop! Now is your Opportunity!

Within the last decade or so, music festivals have been on the rise all across the world. Because they allow fans to see many of their favorite artists at once, people are quicker to jump at the unique opportunity. In fact, within three hours of going on sale this year, Coachella was completely sold out in the primary market.

This is where the secondary ticket market benefits from music festivals. Fans seek out these tickets more aggressively than they do for average concerts. Because of this, they will turn to the resale market for weeks leading up to the event. As a Private Label client, you have the ability to market music festival tickets to fans who are eager for this unique experience.

Upcoming popular festivals include Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy, and Lollapalooza. These festivals and more have previously sold well in the secondary market. So as the peak season approaches, it’s important to take advantage of every marketing approach available to you. Fans are more fired up than ever to attend music festivals, so don’t miss your opportunity!

Why is branding important to Affiliate Marketers?

Websites can gain traffic through pay-per-click (PPC) marketing leading to sales, however this does not necessarily mean that the site is profitable. Branding could be the missing piece to the profitability puzzle.

PPC is perfect for short-term testing or for strategic campaigns for specific events. However, according to AdGooroo data, the cost per click on AdWords has increased in most industries by an average of 26% in the past two years. The cost to acquire each new visitor or customer via PPC is projected to continue to increase, due to PPC increasing popularity, making it difficult to create a long-term PPC campaign, for your affiliate marketing website, that is also profitable.

Creating and establishing a memorable and recognizable brand can help drive organic and repeat traffic; when customers return to your site without the aid of PPC, this helps to increase profitability. Well established brands, like Coca Cola or Apple, have a specific combination of logo, slogan, font, site design, colors, and personality and most importantly the customer knows what they’re going to get every time they visit their site or establishment. This creates trust with the customer and keeps them coming back time after time with no need for extra paid online advertising. To further enhance brand recognition successful companies use email marketing as well social media to keep in contact and give updates to customers.

When it comes to PPC think short term, but when it comes to profitability think branding.

Justin Bieber, What do you mean?

Bieber fever is about to hit and right in time for the holidays. The pop star had a rocky 2013 and 2014, but has been using 2015 to showcase himself in a better light. The first taste of his new music came with his collaboration between popular DJ duo Skrillex and Diplo and their track “Where Are U Now”, which was Bieber’s first Top 40 hit since 2013.

On August 28, Bieber released his new highly anticipated single, “What Do You Mean”. Sales skyrocketed with 337,000 downloads sold in the week following the songs release. The new song that Bieber describes as “uptempo” and “fun and summery” is his first No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In fact, at 21 years old, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Bieber as the youngest male artist to debut a single straight to the top of the charts!

Justin Bieber plans to release his new album in November 2015, the perfect time to announce a possible tour. Keep on the look out for more from Bieber as we get closer to the holidays!

Peak Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again!  Once Football season kicks off, we tend to see sales rise through the end of the year with many great events going on sale!

Football is one of the best selling sports categories every year and this year shouldn’t disappoint either.  Sports sales are also helped this time of year by MLB playoffs starting up. Average order sizes jump as die-hard fans pay up to see their team play for the World Series.

We’ll also be seeing popular onsales for holiday staples such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the Radio City Rockettes.  It won’t be long before customers start making plans for the holidays, which usually means a strong pickup in all theater sales, such as Wicked, The Book of Mormon and possibly the new Broadway hit, Hamilton.

Is TicketNetwork Private Label for Me?

TicketNetwork Private Label is a 100% White Label Super Affiliate Program. So what does that really mean? Basically, it means that you can sell our inventory of over 80,000 tickets on a completely custom-branded website without having to handle customers or process orders; we take care of that for you! So, how do you know if this program is the right fit for you?

Successful clients can come in many different forms, but more often than not, they have some sort of Internet Marketing expertise with capital to invest in advertising, or an existing source of traffic to capitalize on. Below are a few examples of clients who can find success with TicketNetwork Private Label:

  • Affiliate Marketers: Possibly the most natural match for TicketNetwork Private Label is an Affiliate Marketer who is looking to graduate from typical Affiliate Programs to something much more powerful, customizable, and profitable. Typical Affiliate Programs pay you a flat commission rate, but TicketNetwork Private Label allows you to set your own commissions so you can control how competitive and profitable you are! Commissions are 100% uncapped, so the more money you’re able to invest, the more successful you will be!
  • Travel Sites: You probably already have a significant marketing budget to attract travel customers to your site and adding tickets can be a great source of ancillary revenue to combat rising advertising costs. Travel and tickets complement each other very well and integrating our White Label technology to your existing website is seamless and easy!
  • City Guides: Don’t just write about activities for you visitors to do in the city, make it easy for them to get into the show or sporting event they’re reading about! Sell tickets for the most popular shows on Broadway or an all access pass to that must-see concert in the Bay Area! With a huge selection of downloadable tickets, they’ll be at the show in no time!
  • Bloggers: Your readers already come to you for the latest buzz on their favorite artist, sports team, or Broadway show; why not get them even closer to the action? Since the visitors you’re driving to your site are likely already interested in a concert, sporting event, or Broadway show, selling tickets fits in perfectly
  • Ticket Brokers: It’s time for your brokerage to evolve! You already know the industry and the customers. Why not sell tickets without the overhead expenses and order fulfillment headaches? Many ticket brokers have found success with TicketNetwork Private Label as they reallocate some of the money they would have spent on inventory towards advertising.

Even if you don’t fit perfectly into one of the above categories, you can still make TicketNetwork Private Label a success for yourself. These are just a few of our most common types of clients, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and find strategy that works best for you!

Play (Money) Ball!

TicketNetwork Private Label clients should always be mindful of their average order size.  Do you know what yours is?  If not, it’s something you’ll want to pay attention to soon!

The average order size across TN Private Label in September is about $303.  If you’re average is below this, you might want to consider focusing on marketing other events, especially with the rising cost of PPC.  This will help you earn higher service fees to make up for advertising costs.

One example of targeting higher ticket prices can be playoff games. For example, baseball tickets during the regular season tend to be on the lower side.  Fortunately, the playoffs are coming, which means that the average ticket price for baseball games will be on the rise!  Throughout the regular season last year, the average order size was only $174, but during the playoffs, the average order size jumped to $651!

Competition for these keywords can be tough, but taking the time to focus on the matchups and follow SEO and PPC best practices can make you successful.   TN Private Label clients can check out our PPC and SEO Expert webinars on WebAdmin to learn more about these best practices.

Don’t Get Caught in a Service ‘Freeze’

One of the most common statements from Private Label clients is, “But I don’t want my service fee to drive customers away”.   We certainly don’t want your service fee to drive customers away either, but research has shown that service fees are not what will drive away your customers.  Contrary to what many people believe, a service fee at the checkout can actually help you increase sales.

“Many have tried and none have succeeded” are the wise words of our very own Harmon Howe.  Harmon has been a rep here for several years and has seen many clients try to eliminate their service fee by burying it in the price of the ticket.  Unfortunately, this tactic has proven to be unsuccessful because the inflated ticket price is a turn-off to the customer.  They don’t even make it to the checkout to find out there isn’t a service fee!

Competitors to the TicketNetwork Private Label Program have tried the tactic as well, and have also been defeated by those frugal customers.  A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal profiled attempts from some of our competitors trying their hand at “all-in” pricing.  Feel free to read the full article, but the synopsis is that brokers listing their tickets on these exchanges reported significant losses in the first few months that the pricing change took effect!  Years of consumer research led (or mis-led) to these decisions, as it told them that their customers hated seeing their final ticket price jump because of a mysterious service fee.  Unfortunately for them, consumer behavior strays from consumer opinion.

At the end of the day, customers expect there to be a service fee when they buy tickets, and as long as it isn’t outrageously high, they’ll ultimately end up paying it.  The lesson to be learned here is to let the events sell themselves; all you need to do is concentrate on driving traffic to your site.  Sure, your Google Analytics may show some customers leaving from the checkout page, but that’s totally normal.  How many times have you been buying something online and had second thoughts at checkout?  If you have any questions about this topic, or would like more information about the TicketNetwork Private Label Program, email us at!

Naughty & Nice White Label Marketing Tips

In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought we would put together a list of White Label marketing tips to help keep your site on your customer’s “Nice list” and off their “Naughty List”. Check out our list below and see which one you fall on!

  • Embrace Your Brand: Building an audience with your brand is a great way to increase your repeat customer base, which is especially helpful when your PPC competition gets tough. Customers like to buy tickets from a website they can trust, so it’s important to make sure that you create an honest and engaging brand for yourself. A great way to start doing this is to hop on social media and post about concerts and shows that you think your audience will be interested in. If you give them content about a topic they care about, they’ll be engaged with you and want to come back to you for more!
  • Remarket to Your Customers: During the holidays, customers are more likely to shop around check prices and availability on multiple different websites. Most holiday shoppers have a list of people they’re buying for and are on a budget, so they are bound to check prices in multiple places. Don’t let another website steal your sale! Try remarketing to them with display ads or an email marketing campaign to get them back on your site!
  • Differentiate Yourself: Successful White Label marketers know how to differentiate themselves from their competition. Maybe your site has a unique recommendation feature or a rewards program; whatever you decide to do, try to create something that gives people a reason to come to your site instead of a competitor.


  • Tweak your site: While we already mentioned creating features that make you unique, DO NOT building them during the holidays! During the busiest time of the year, your sole focus should be marketing. The last thing you need at this point is to have your site go down due to programming or technical issues. Save any big ideas you come up with and work on them during a slower time of the year.
  • Wing it: We’re sure you already know this, being the expert marketer that you are, but a little reinforcement never hurt: Don’t go into the holidays without a plan! Build yourself a marketing calendar so you’re prepared for what’s coming up and have time to put together your marketing campaigns. Ideally, this should be done a few months ahead of time, so you can start putting together content for SEO. Some of the best White Label marketers will do this all year long; they’ll plan out their content and ads for the next few months, so they can build a steady stream of traffic to their site.
  • Disguise yourself: Disguises may have been fine at Halloween, but it’s time to own up to who you really are now. Don’t try to impersonate another website or organization, because any semi-intelligent customer will see right through that and leave your site for a competitor. Don’t be ashamed of being a ticket reseller; put a positive spin on it like the fact that you have great tickets to sold out shows. After all, you’re a marketer, come up with something creative!

Rumor Mill: Could We See A Swift Pickup in Sales?

The holidays are right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: it’s a great time for artists to make tour announcements! The industry’s best-selling artists are successful because they know how to time their onsales and right before the holidays is a great time to do it, because many customers will buy tickets as gifts for family and friends. With this in mind, it’s crucial for TN Private Label clients to step up their SEO by writing about speculative tours and events ahead of time. Don’t get blind-sided by an onsale; it helps to do your homework on the industry and write your content in advance so when the announcement comes, your site already has content available in search engine results. Onsales can also follow major album announcements, as both events can support each other.
At the moment, finding a real-world example of this is not hard. There is increasing speculation that Taylor Swift may announce a tour very soon, which could prove lucrative to ticket sellers. Swift has been on a media blitz, which continues through this week and her most recent album was released today, which is expected to be one of the most popular albums of the year. These are all classic signs of an impending concert tour.

Private Label clients should contact their Business Development Manager about the best ways to capitalize on upcoming tour announcements. Not a client yet? Find out more about how you can get a white label ticket website and start selling more than $3 Billion in inventory by visiting our website or emailing us at

What Do Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Garth Brooks Have in Common?

They announce their shows one at a time and sell HUGE!  Most artists announce tours in a large block of events; however the three big sellers above like to announce each show one at a time.  Garth Brooks has recently announced a three-year-long world tour and TN Private Label clients should not wait for a larger list to come out.  Tickets for these shows are in very high demand and prices have skyrocketed on the Secondary Market for the first few Onsales.  According to an article from Forbes, ticket prices for his Chicago shows rose to 222.7% above face value!

SEO marketers should begin writing content immediately, if they haven’t done so already and PPC marketers should increase their spending for these events as well.  This can also be a great opportunity for Social Media marketers as fans will likely be sharing tour information with their friends as they make plans to go see the top selling country artist of all time!  Private Label clients do not want to miss out on any of these events!

The next Onsale for Garth Brooks will be on Friday, August 8th, for his Atlanta shows and will be his first appearance there in 18 years!  Private Label clients who have any questions about the tour dates should contact their rep or email!